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What is Combo-Pilling?

The highly controversial practice of Combo-Pilling is truly an underground phenomenon. Odds are, if you know someone who’s losing lots of weight, and losing it fast, you probably know someone who’s Combo-Pilling... like Mindy D (read her story). Why? Because it allows people to attack multiple facets of weight loss – like dropping fat, overcoming stress eating, and having enough energy to work out – all at the same time.

Relacore and Zantrex-3 Combo-Pilling Duo
Most Popular Combo-Pilling Duo
Ever wondered how Hollywood starlets get so thin… so fast? It could be “Combo Pilling”... the über-trendy, “underground” practice of combining two or more diet pills to create "supercharged" weight loss. Tinsel Town’s favorite diet pill combination is Zantrex®-3 (the high energy fat burner) and Relacore (the calming, feel good, “belly fat” pill). One pill picks you up, the other pill calms you down... both of them help you lose weight... but together, oh my goodness!
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Biphed all-in-one solution
All-In-One Combo-Pilling Solution
For some, using a supplement that offers dual weight-loss products in one easy package is more appealing. The most powerful in this category is called BiphedAdrene® a two-part system comprised of a unique “Complex Phenylethylamine Provisional” for powerful appetite control, mood-elevation, and energy (the Purple Pill) combined with an aggressive thermogenic compound for fat burning and stamina (the Yellow Pill) This two-pronged attack on fat is apparently what makes this “Combo-Pilling” superstar so effective...
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